Gymnasium No. 5 in Cheboksary was established in 2007. Now it is a large scientific and educational complex with an extensive system of educational, scientific and social relations throughout Russia. Gymnasium №5 is in the TOP 200 best schools in 2014, 2015, 2016. 2017  that provide high opportunities for the development of students’ talents. It has repeatedly received grants from educational funds to implement new educational projects thanks to its ideas of developmental teaching and students’ independent training ways.

The leading direction is the formation and development of the educational space, aimed at the acquisition of social experience, the development and strengthening of adolescents’  life potential to prepare for adult life, search   of their own personal and professional future. One of the educational project "I, Others, Peace"  is aimed at supporting families with children suffering from autism spectrum disorders. The project is implemented by high school students in collaboration with the Association of High School Graduates, teachers and social partners. Senior students accompany children while teachers and co-educational and educational partners organize "Schools of effective parents with authentic disorders”. The result of the project is the developed system of mentoring among schoolchildren and students, the selection of effective teaching methods, networking with schools and businesses.