Материально техническое обеспечение


Availability of equipment specialized rooms

-6 Cabinet of Mathematics

-2 Physics classroom

-1 Chemistry cabinet

-1 Biology cabinet

-2 Cabinet Informatics

-4 Cabinet literature

-3 Cabinet stories

-1 Geography cabinet

-4 Office of a foreign language

-1 Office LSF

-2 Office technology

-4 Language laboratories

-3 Cabinet of the Chuvash language

-French office

-Cabinet psychologist

-Media Library with 40 personal computers.

Terms of nutrition and health

Order on hot food in the 2015-2016 academic year students

The dining room is equipped with modern technological equipment in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN; renovated and decorated the room room for meals; non-cash (in the terminal) payment system.

In high school work and medical treatment rooms.

Sports grounds


-dance hall

-media center

-assembly Hall



Information technology equipment

  1. 153 PC
  2. 31 Multimedia Projector
  3. 30 multimedia screens
  4. 5 camera
  5. 4 digital camera
  6. 29 printers
  7. 6 MFP
  8. 9 scanners

Access to Information Systems

Gymnasium connected to the Internet via fiber-optic network with an access rate of 22 Mbit / s. All computers connected to WLAN with the access speed of 1Gbit / sec. Media Center (library) - connected to the Internet (40 notebooks) and the LAN gymnasium through wi-fi.

Site gymnasium (http://gym5cheb.ru) and an e-zine (http://net.citycheb.ru) deployed on servers that are located in the gymnasium. 6 servers serve the information flow within the local network grammar. For training purposes the 74 computer. All classrooms are equipped with AMP teacher, which include a projector, computer, printer. The administrative offices are located 12 computers that are permanently connected to the Internet and local network grammar. All participants of the educational environment (teachers, parents, pupils) have access to grammar schools network (http://net.citycheb.ru).

Electronic educational resources

Created more than 50 e-books in computer science, English, Russian language, physics and geography. Launched distance learning system MOODLE (http://moodle5gymcheb.ru), which established more than 30 training courses in all subjects. All items gymnasium More than 200 electronic resources on CD and DVD: interactive maps, textbooks, encyclopedias.

Information data

  1. The proportion of teachers who passed computer courses 100%
  2. The proportion of teachers who use ICT in the educational process 100%
  3. The number of teachers holding a computer 100%
  4. Connecting a computer to the Internet 100%

Tour of the gymnasium